The Taipei Zoo in Taiwan said a Patas monkey that escaped from its enclosure and fled into the nearby forest was captured Thursday morning in a trap baited with apples and cookies.

The zoo said searchers found the 8-year-old male monkey, Nan Dao, sleeping in the trap at 8:40 a.m. Thursday after apparently becoming ensnared overnight.

Nan Dao had escaped from the zoo during cleaning Monday morning. Officials said the zookeeper cleaning the enclosure had focused their attention on another monkey that had ran out into a corridor and Nan Dao was able to open the unlocked cage door and flee into the woods.

Zoo officials said Nan Dao was spotted nearby the zoo Wednesday evening, and a trap baited with an apple and cookies was placed nearby a sound recording playing Patas monkey calls. Nan Dao was found sleeping in the cage the next morning.

A zoo veterinarian examined Nan Dao and determined he was in good health, but a little stressed from his time on the loose.