Animal rescuers in Britain said they freed a young swan found trapped in an enclosed graveyard just a few months after the bird's father became trapped in the same area.

The RSPCA said Inspector Nic de Celis responded to a report of a swan in distress at a cemetery in Neath, England, on Valentine's Day.

De Celis arrived to find the juvenile swan was trapped inside an enclosed graveyard.

"This poor young swan was a little disorientated after becoming trapped in a busy churchyard, surrounded by a high fence and many graves," the rescuer said. "Fortunately, the swan wasn't injured, and I was able to safely return the bird to the nearby canal -- where he joined a sibling."

De Celis said he was familiar with the swan's family.

"Incredibly, I believe I rescued this swan's father last June, after he had become trapped -- reuniting him with this and many other cygnets, as well as his mate," he said.