"Survivor" winner Richard Hatch admitted in a Providence, R.I., courtroom Friday he did not declare his $1 million prize on his 2001 income tax return.

Hatch said under cross-examination in his federal tax evasion trial he received a $4,483 tax refund for the year he won the CBS reality show, the Providence Journal reported.

When asked by his attorney, Michael Minns, if he set out to defraud the government, Hatch said that was not his intention. He said he tried several times to find out how much he owed on his winnings.

Hatch was indicted in September by a federal grand jury on 10 counts, including failure to declare his "Survivor" winnings, income from a radio job, rental income and charitable donations he allegedly diverted to himself.

He could face up to 30 years in prison if convicted on the most serious charge, the newspaper said.

Hatch is scheduled to continue his testimony when his trial resumes Monday.