Survivor has been airing on CBS for nineteen years, and with attractive and single castaways coming and going each season, it isn't surprising love has sometimes blossomed on the reality competition!

Survivor debuted on CBS in 2000, and the finale of Survivor: Edge of Extinction, the franchise's 38th edition, aired on CBS last month.

Survivor is best known for its thrilling blindsides, complicated strategy, and memorable physical and mental challenges, but what would the game be without its showmances?!

"Power couples" develop on the show whether they be intimate or friendly connections. A power couple is almost always viewed as a huge threat in the game, but sometimes the castaways don't care because they're desperate for a little companionship.

Not only have fans watched castaways -- who haven't showered or brushed their teeth in weeks -- kiss and cuddle on-screen, but they've also witnessed many showmances develop into real, sincere relationships outside of the show.

In several cases, these romances even turned into marriages. In other cases, however, the dynamic was mere lust on a deserted island.

"We were caught on-camera many times. I'm sure there was a lot of footage that would not be suitable for home viewers, if you know what I mean! It was jungle love, man," Ozzy Lusth previously told Entertainment Weekly when asked about his hot and steamy showmance with Amanda Kimmel on Survivor's 16th season.

Since it's hard to keep track of all the Survivor lovebirds, Reality TV World has taken a look back at the hottest and most memorable showmances.

What happened to Survivor's showmance couples? Who is still together, and who has split up?

And what about the off-screen Survivor couples that happened once the castaways returned home and met up in the real world??

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