Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance declared Jeremy Collins the winner of its $1 million grand prize during the live portion of Wednesday night's finale broadcast on CBS from CBS Studio Center in Los Angeles, CA.

"My last season, I'm a firefighter with two kids and everyone wanted to take me out because I was a sympathy vote," Jeremy said, explaining why he didn't tell any of his fellow castaways that his wife Val Collins is pregnant. "It was bubbling up the whole season and finally I win and I'm in the Final 3 and I just want to explode... tell everybody why I was playing this game."

Jeremy, who first competed on Survivor: San Juan del Sur, beat former Cagayan players Spencer Bledsoe and Tasha Fox in Season 31's final jury voting results, which host Jeff Probst revealed during the live reunion broadcast. Technically, Spencer and Tasha tied as the runner-up because Jeremy had a clean sweep of all 10 jury votes for the win.

Spencer even admitted he left Final Tribal Council thinking he had a "zero percent chance of winning the game." He was so frustrated by not taking Jeremy out sooner, he could barely even watch Survivor unfold on television in the last couple of months.

Survivor's finale began on Night 35. Keith was upset about everyone voting Abi out because he said she'd be a great person to sit next to in the end, and Spencer said that's exactly why they had to get rid of her.

Wentworth and Keith looked like the low men on the totem pole, but Kimmi planned to swoop in with a plan. She talked to Wentworth about telling their alliance to split votes between Wentworth and Keith, but then the two of them would vote Jeremy or Spencer.

Wentworth told the cameras Kimmi probably realized she had no shot to win -- or to even make it to the end -- if she stuck with Spencer, Tasha and Jeremy.

On Day 36, the tribe met Probst for an Individual Immunity Challenge. The castaways had to race to collect a series of puzzle steps, place them in order from the bottom to the top to complete a tall staircase, and then once they reached the top, they had to finish a slide puzzle. The winner would be safe from the vote at Tribal Council, while the next person to get voted out of the game would become the eighth member of the jury.

Spencer ended up winning Individual Immunity for the third time this season. Wentworth said in a confessional they couldn't let Tasha, Spencer and Jeremy get any further in the game together.

Back at camp, Tasha told the cameras she wanted Wentworth or Keith gone next. Kimmi told Keith the two of them were going to vote Jeremy with Wentworth and blindside him. Tasha and Spencer suspected Kimmi was strategizing with the other alliance, and they were right. Wentworth, Keith and Kimmi were caught talking. Wentworth assumed she wouldn't have to play her hidden Immunity Idol and then she'd have it in the Final 5.

Kimmi then talked to Spencer, Jeremy and Tasha about the guys voting for Wentworth and the girls voting for Keith in case somebody had an idol.

Afterward, Tasha called Kimmi "a rat" and Spencer shared his theory, that Kimmi wanted them to split the vote so she could take out Jeremy or Tasha. Spencer said the three of them absolutely couldn't split the vote. Spencer didn't trust Kimmi at all and thought she was lying, but Jeremy called Spencer paranoid and thought she was harmless.
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Jeremy confronted Kimmi, saying if she was going to jump ship, it would ruin everything. Kimmi promised Jeremy it was the four of them to the end. Jeremy believed Kimmi, but she didn't want to be at the bottom of a foursome. Jeremy called Kimmi "goofy" but didn't think she had anything up her sleeve. Spencer and Jeremy argued over what to do. Spencer told the cameras Wentworth could have an idol and he feared making the wrong choice.

At Tribal Council that night, Jeremy confirmed there was an alliance, and Wentworth pointed out she was on the outside with Keith. Spencer announced he, Jeremy and Tasha were going to vote together three strong, and either Kimmi joined them or they could potentially draw rocks. Kimmi was flabbergasted and felt threatened to vote a certain way. Wentworth was confused, but Keith said they knew the right thing to do.

Spencer whispered to Wentworth, "You're good." Wentworth trusted Spencer the last vote but shouldn't have, so she didn't know what to do, and then Keith suggested they should go to rocks. Kimmi said she felt like a pawn. Spencer, Jeremy and Tasha confirmed Kimmi wasn't No. 4 in their alliance, but Keith pressed the fact she would be going forward if she worked with them.

Before reading the votes, Probst asked if anyone wanted to play a hidden Immunity Idol, and Wentworth decided to put hers into play on the off-chance Spencer was lying to her. Spencer rolled his eyes and Jeremy told his friend, "I told you so," with a huge smile on his face. In a shocking twist, Jeremy decided to play his idol as well. Therefore, any votes cast for Wentworth or Jeremy did not count.

The votes were Wentworth, Jeremy, Wentworth, Jeremy, Wentworth, and Jeremy.

Jeremy was shocked because it became clear one of his alliance members betrayed him. And for the first time in 31 seasons, no valid votes were cast for anyone at Tribal Council. There was then a re-vote. Spencer was immune, and since Wentworth and Jeremy both played idols, everyone had to vote for either Keith, Tasha or Kimmi. Everyone had a minute to talk, and Spencer tried to convince

Probst then read the votes again, and it was another tie -- three votes Tasha and three votes Kimmi.

Spencer, Wentworth, Jeremy and Keith got to have a discussion. If they could come up with a unanimous decision to get rid of Tasha or Kimmi, then that woman would go home. However, if the four castaways couldn't agree, Keith would automatically go home by default since he'd be the only person left able to draw a rock and be up for elimination.

Keith didn't know what to do. He wanted Kimmi to stay since she's a mom of two kids. Plus, Keith knew he'd be next on the chopping block. However, Wentworth yelled at Keith not to give up and told him to stay, so he did. Everyone then voted to oust Kimmi from Survivor and Jeremy shouted out his disappointment in her.

Kimmi told the cameras in her final words she gave the game her all and never gave up. After 15 years, she hung in there pretty well for her second chance.

Later that night, everyone gushed about how Tribal was mind-blowing. Keith and Wentworth remained on the outside, knowing Spencer, Jeremy and Tasha were solid.

On Day 37, it was time for another Immunity Challenge. Probst explained each castaway was required to race through a giant obstacle course with six stations, collecting six bags of puzzle pieces along the way. They'd then use the pieces inside to solve a puzzle. The winner would automatically earn a spot in the Final 4, while the person voted out that night would become the ninth member of the jury.

Wentworth had a great lead with her puzzle, and Keith was right on her heels. In the end, Wentworth won her way into the Final 4, and she was absolutely thrilled because she needed it. Keith assumed he was in a coffin, but he intended to go down swinging.

Back at camp, Spencer said his alliance had been trying to keep Wentworth from winning immunity, so it was worst case scenario. Keith was the obvious target, however, Wentworth made a fake idol for Keith and it looked very believable. She wanted Keith to pretend he found an idol, forcing the threesome to break up. At the very least, Wentworth would spark up some paranoia.

And it worked. Jeremy feared Keith OR Wentworth having an idol, so he told Keith to vote Spencer with Wentworth's help. Keith said it made sense to get rid of Spencer because he was a really good player.

At Tribal that night, Wentworth declared she had to have won immunity or else she'd be the one going home. Spencer thought the vote was going to be cut and dry, but he worried about a blindside. Spencer suggested sticking together might be the new big move. Keith said there were "tricks around to be played," so Tasha admitted everyone needed to "expect the unexpected."

Probst then read the votes. They were for Spencer, Keith, Spencer, Keith, and Keith.

Keith didn't play his "cheesy idol" because he wanted to play the game with integrity. Keith thanked America for the great adventure and noted it was a crazy ride.

On Day 38, the Final 4 met Probst again for the last Individual Immunity Challenge of the season. With one hand tied behind their backs, they had to drop a ball down a spiraling shoot and catch it once it reached the bottom. At regular intervals, more balls were added. If a ball dropped at any time, that person would be out of the challenge.

Wentworth was out of the challenge first followed by Tasha, Spencer and then Jeremy.

Jeremy won his first immunity when he needed it most. Jeremy started crying with so much emotion and said it was all about his family. Wentworth teared up next, saying she had to win because it was clear there was a tight Final 3 and she wasn't in it.

Jeremy questioned whom to take to the end because he needed to win the game, not come in second or third. Once everyone returned to their Orkun camp, Jeremy told the cameras all bets were off because he needed to sit next to the best people to win $1 million. Tasha knew she was at Jeremy's mercy, along with Spencer. She hoped the relationship she had built with Jeremy was strong enough to remain intact.

Jeremy told Spencer and Tasha they were "locked in" and they all celebrated. Spencer asked Wentworth if she was writing his name down because he could win it. Wentworth, annoyed at Spencer's confidence, tried to convince Jeremy that Spencer was a bigger threat to his potential victory.

Wentworth told Jeremy that people respected him, but Spencer spoke well and played both sides. Jeremy considered making Wentworth and Spencer compete in a fire-starting challenge.

Jeremy said in a confessional Spencer came up from the bottom and won multiple Immunity Challenges. Wentworth, on the other hand, won two immunities and played two idols. She was an underdog. Jeremy planned to make his decision at Tribal, but he really wasn't going to hesitate jumping ship if it bettered his chances of winning.

At Tribal Council that night, Spencer said Wentworth played the best game and he would absolutely vote for her at the Final 3 if Jeremy sent him packing. Spencer explained he'd also put all his energy into ensuring Wentworth's victory because she deserved it. Spencer also pointed out that Jeremy getting rid of him would be "a terrible move," one to hold against him.

Probst then read the votes. They were for Spencer, Wentworth, Wentworth, and Wentworth.

"I really just wanted to make the most of my experience this time and I think I did. I play some idols, won some immunities -- I'm bummed I didn't make it all the way to the end, but... it was everything I wanted it to be," Wentworth said following her ouster.

The following day, on Day 39, the Final 3 got to look at themselves in a mirror and enjoy a big feast. Tasha was very proud of her social game and said Survivor was the most difficult thing she had ever done in her entire life. Spencer intended to describe his change in Survivor and why that's worthy of $1 million. He connected with people in a way he was never able to before. Spencer called it the most important night of his life.

Jeremy cried about wanting his kids to be proud of him, and he wanted to take care of them. Jeremy found two idols, surrounded himself with the right people at the right time, and he was in control of his game the whole time.

At the Final 3 Tribal Council, the jury confronted the remaining castaways. Andrew Savage said his vote was wide open. Spencer explained to Savage he was arrogant entering the game the first time but he's become a different, better person. Jeremy also had to explain his arrogance, and it was simply because Kimmi betrayed him when he really trusted her.

Stephen Fishbach praised Jeremy for bringing trust, honor and integrity into a season when it didn't exist. He also made Tasha talk about doing Jeremy's dirty work for him, but Tasha said she's an independent woman who made her own decisions and was never swayed into doing something she didn't want to do.

Spencer admitted he had to do more backstabbing this season, but only because he had some relationships that weren't solid enough on their own.

Abi-Maria Gomes asked Tasha to explain her "subtle move" in the game, and it was reconnecting with Spencer when there were many Cagayan players and it could've been a risky move. Spencer's "subtle move" was shifting distrust onto Joe Anglim instead of himself. Jeremy's move was to hunt for idols and have the liberty to play it on his buddy Stephen.

Kimmi called Spencer a bully and then scolded Jeremy and Tasha for letting Spencer replace her. Jeremy argued he was duped by her and it was her fault.

Joe told Tasha she wasn't aware of what was going around her, but she argued she often took control of the alpha males, like telling them to get the "Golden Boy" out when they were wavering.

Kelly Wiglesworth asked the Final 3 to pick a number between 1-10 because that's what previously determined her fate in the first season of Survivor. Jeremy picked No. 2, Tasha picked 3 and then Spencer picked 4. Kass McQuillen then complimented Spencer for trying to change his social game and succeeding -- while also playing a bit of a "Chaos Kass" game.

As a last-ditch effort to win votes, the Final 3 acknowledged why they deserved to win a Second Chance season. Spencer and Tasha talked about their ability to build and keep relationships, but Jeremy then revealed his wife Val Collins is pregnant and he just competed for his family, not at all for himself. Jeremy got emotional and seemed to win everybody over in that moment.

During the live reunion show, Probst announced all 10 jury members voted for Jeremy to win.