A Utah man captured home surveillance footage of four cougars near his basement door.

Rich Penman, of Millcreek, uploaded the video from his Ring camera to the KUTV website, the station reported Saturday. The video clearly shows the large cats wandering past the door. One appears to peek through a window.

Cougar sightings have become more common in the area, but the animals are reclusive and solitary. It is rare to see more than one at a time.

The dark rings noticeable on the cougars' tails suggest they may be juveniles.

Home surveillance cameras have captured other encounters with wild animals.

Last year, a resident of a Chicago suburb captured a video of a large cat in her fenced-in backyard. A local expert said the animal could be a cougar, though the image wasn't clear.

In October, Kyle Burgess captured video of a frightening encounter with a cougar on a Utah trail. A mother cat aggressively followed him for six minutes after he encountered the cat and four cubs while out for a run.