Ken Masters of Street Fighter fame, Piranha Plant from Super Mario and Incineroar from Pokemon are the latest characters added to Nintendo's upcoming crossover fighting game, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Nintendo announced the new characters Thursday during a new Direct presentation that also detailed Ultimate's online modes, new campaign mode titled World of Light and a Spirits mode which tasks players with collecting spirits based on other video game characters not featured on the main roster. The spirits can be attached to fighters to help give them advantages in battle.

Ken was introduced first during a cinematic cut scene that featured the martial artist handily defeating Little Mac of Punch-Out!! fame. Ken is then challenged by Incineroar, a professional-wrestling based Pokemon who wears a fiery, championship belt.

Ken is an Echo Fighter based on Ryu, meaning that he will play similarly to Ryu who is also from Street Fighter. Ken, in combat, can use his fire-based uppercuts and moves faster then Ryu. Incineroar, meanwhile, crushes opponents using his Darkest Lariat, Cross Chop and Max Malicious Moonsault attacks.

Piranha Plant closed out the Direct as the classic Super Mario enemy will not be available when Ultimate launches for the Nintendo Switch on Dec. 7. Piranha Plant will instead be a free character added to the game around Feb. 2019 for those who purchase Ultimate between Nov. 1 and Jan. 31.

Nintendo also announced a Fighters Pass for Ultimate for $24.99 that will include an additional five new characters, stages and music tracks.The new content will be added to the title at a later date.

Nintendo's last Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct took place in August and introduced new characters such as Simon and Richter Belmont from Castlevania and Donkey Kong Country villain King K. Rool.

Photo credit: Nintendo