Nintendo announced on Monday that a new update coming soon to Super Mario Maker 2 will add Link from The Legend of Zelda into the game.

The update will arrive free for Super Mario Maker 2 owners on Thursday and also include new course parts, and a new gameplay mode, Nintendo said through a gameplay trailer that highlights the new additions.

Link and his Master Sword will be made available to use in the old school, Super Mario Bros. style levels which feature 8-bit graphics.

Mario, after grabbing the Master Sword, will be transformed into Link who can attack enemies with the sword, shoot arrows to grab hard to reach coins and use bombs to blow past obstacles.

Super Mario Maker 2, first released in June, allows players to craft their own Mario levels which will now be able to feature Link. Other new course parts that players can add into their stages include the Frozen Coin, P Block, enemies Spike and Pokey and the dash block for use in Super Mario 3D World levels.

The new gameplay mode titled Ninji Speedruns tasks players with finishing a Nintendo made level as fast as possible. How fast others completed the stage from around the world will be shown through mini Ninjis who run alongside players on each level.