The new full trailer for the upcoming "Suicide Squad" movie was released Tuesday and it promises a lot of mayhem.

In the tradition of "The Dirty Dozen," DC Comic's bad-guys-do-good action movie will likely be a dark, but fun counterpoint to March's "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" and to next year's "Justice League" movie.

Featuring Oscar winner Jared Leto as the latest incarnation of the Joker and Will Smith as the villain Deadshot, the movie revolves around a team of super villains released from prison and brought together as Task Force X to save the world on what appears to be, in fact, a suicide mission.

The film also features Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning actress Viola Davis and directed by David Ayer ("End of Watch", "Fury").

The trailer debuted during a special called "Dawn of the Justice League" on The CW and hints the movie will give more background to "Batman v. Superman," and also offer an appearance by Ben Affleck as Batman.

The standalone movie is expected to be DC's first real challenge to the Marvel movie universe beyond "Batman" and "Superman" movies and is regarded as an intended rival to Marvel's "Guardian of the Galaxy."

The film open August 5.