An Ohio high school student said his principal told him he may be expelled after he was caught firing a Nerf dart gun inside the school.

Devon Smith, 14, of Columbus, Ohio, said he was taken to the Northland High School principal's office after firing the Nerf gun, which had been taken to school by a classmate and told that he would be suspended and may be expelled after a hearing scheduled for Thursday, WBNS-TV, Columbus, reported Wednesday.

District spokesman Michael Straughter said he couldn't discuss the case directly but said officials follow the state's zero tolerance policy, as well as the Gun-Free School Act, which states that students who bring or possess dangerous weapons or lookalikes at school will be expelled for at least one year.

Sean Smith Sr., the student's father, said expulsion would be an overreaction.

"I understand the rules and we follow all rules to the best of our ability, but I believe the crime should fit the punishment," he said.

Devon Smith said the incident has been a learning experience.

"Everything happens for a reason and God has everything planned out," he told WBNS. "I think his lesson for me in this situation is to stop playing around with people you shouldn't be messing around with."