A kind stranger was caught on camera coming to the rescue of a dog that ended up stranded on the roof of its owner's home in Rhode Island.

Daylue Goah said he captured video when he spotted the dog on the roof of his neighbor's house in Pawtucket.

Goah said the homeowner wasn't at home at the time, but neighbors phoned authorities.

"When I saw the animal control car, I'm like, 'Okay, help is finally here.' Then, when they left again, I'm like, 'Oh, my god. He's being left alone,'" Goah told WJAR-TV.

Goah said the dog's owner soon arrived home and was joined by a stranger who climbed on the roof and handed the dog to the owner through a sunroof.

The filmer said the dog's owner later told him that he doesn't know the man who stopped to help him rescue the canine from its rooftop predicament.

"There are people who care even when they don't know you," Goah said.

The owner said the dog probably ended up on the roof by climbing out a window on the top floor of the home.