Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry sent his band mate Steven Tyler careening off the stage and into the audience at a Canadian concert, the Toronto Star reported.

The incident happened during the group's performance of the song "Love in an Elevator" at the Air Canada Centre Tuesday night.

The Star said Tyler, 62, playfully hip-checked Perry and the guitarist backed into the singer in retaliation, knocking him off the stage, but not hurting him.

Concertgoers helped push Tyler back on stage to Perry's outstretched hand, the newspaper said.

"That's never gonna happen again, baby," Tyler said. "You'll pay for that, my brother."

Tyler previously broke his collarbone when he fell off stage during a concert in South Dakota last year. Treatment for his injuries set off a chain of events that led to numerous Aerosmith concerts being canceled, as well as talk of ousting Tyler from the band.