Steve Coogan and Sarah Solemani have been tapped to write and co-star in a new comedy-drama inspired by the #MeToo movement titled Chivalry.

The six-part series will air on Britain's Channel 4 and follow Coogan as a film producer and Solemani as a writer and director who comes in to help save his failing movie, a sexually controversial thriller.

Coogan's character is a ladies man who is known for dating young women. Solemani's writer and director agrees to help the producer's movie in exchange for funding for her planned feminist and biblical film.

The series will tackle sexual politics, how the film industry in changing in the wake of #MeToo and an unlikely attraction between Coogan and Solemani's characters.

"Chivalry is more of a painfully honest, funny fencing match. We will attack, riposte, lunge, parry and counter-parry and perhaps when the bout is over, take off our masks revealing our true selves," Coogan said in a statement.

Coogan's Baby Cow production company is developing the series with Baby Cow CEO Christine Langan as producer.