Stephen Colbert and Nick Kroll raised $1 million for Hurricane relief in Puerto Rico with their #puberme campaign.

Colbert announced on "The Late Show" on Thursday night the social campaign which encouraged celebrities to share their "awkward puberty photos" in exchange for a $1,000 donation to Hurricane Maria relief in Puerto Rico had raised $233,000.

After presenting a slideshow of every awkward celebrity photo, Colbert was joined by Kroll via telephone from Argentina as he and the cast and crew of his Netflix show "Big Mouth" added an additional $100,000.

CBS matched Colbert and Kroll's donation, raising the total to $666,000 along with the Americone Dream Fund which donated $266,000 after receiving more than 75,000 tweets with the hashtag #puberme.

Kroll added another $67,000 leaving the pair $1,000 short when "Hamilton" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda arrived on the set to deliver an "awkward puberty video" and the remaining money.

Miranda also promoted a fundraising song titled "Almost Like Praying," featuring Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and Gloria Estefan, and other Latino artists with the proceeds benefitting's Maria relief efforts.