IFC says it has renewed for a second season "Stan Against Evil," its horror-comedy starring John C. McGinley and Janet Varney.

The fresh episodes are to air on the cable network in 2017.

The show is about a disgruntled, former sheriff who is forced into retirement, but now must team up with his replacement to battle the demons plaguing their small, New England town.

"'Stan Against Evil' instantly connected with IFC viewers, making it one of the network's most popular original series launches to date," Jennifer Caserta, president of IFC, said in a statement.

"IFC is thrilled for another season of keeping Willard's Mill safe from demons, monsters and succubuses, and we are enormously grateful for the talented John C. McGinley and Janet Varney, along with master storyteller Dana Gould, for bringing this oddly wonderful world to life."

"It was so great to see 'Stan' connect with its fans. Thanks to DVRs, the audience more than doubled each week. That amazed me," added Gould.

"I love the characters and I love the world, and I'm very grateful we all get to go back to Willard's Mill and blow up more stuff."