A Michigan man who heard strange noises from his car's air conditioning opened the hood to find squirrels stashed 50 pounds of pine cones there.

Gabe Awrey posted a photo to Facebook showing the cause of the noises coming from friend Kellen Moore's car air conditioner.

Moore heard the sounds last week and drove to Iron Pig Steakhouse in Gaylord, where he asked Awry, a coworker, to take a look under the hood.

The cause of the sounds turned out to be 50 pounds of pine cones apparently stashed under the hood by local squirrels.

Awry said it took about 45 minutes to remove all of the pine cones from the car, which Moore has only owned for a little over a month.

"Remember to check your engine bays this time of year! The squirrels are sneaky. This was my friends car today!" Awry wrote.