A speedy squirrel sprinted drew cheers from the crowd as it sprinted into the end zone during a college football game Saturday.

Fox Sports South shared video of the field-intruding squirrel that brought a dose of excitement to a lopsided game between the University of Louisville and Kent State on Saturday by making a 40-yard "touchdown" dash as the two teams returned to the field.

"Give that squirrel a scholarship," the sports network wrote.

Announcers complimented the talented squirrel's form as it displayed dazzling speed on a beeline toward the end zone.

"That's my favorite squirrel," one announcer said.

The showboating squirrel celebrated its scoring run by plopping down near the edge of the end zone while the crowd showered it with applause.

Fans joked that the squirrel scored more points on the day than Kent State, which trailed Louisville 21-0 at the time of the critter's electrifying display of athleticism.