Dominic Cooper is an English spy sent to Berlin in 1961 in the first trailer for upcoming AMC+ series, Spy City.

Cooper portrays Fielding Scott in the clip released on Tuesday, and is tasked with finding out who in Berlin is leaking vital British, American and French security information to the Russians.

The spy goes deep undercover, makes allies and survives assassination attempts during his trip.

"Fielding has been given possibly the hardest job in the world: clean up Berlin. He must find out who the traitor is and expose, arrest or eliminate that person," reads the synopsis.

Spy City, a six-part series, will premiere April 15 on AMC+. New episodes will arrive weekly on the streaming service on Thursdays.

Romane Portail, Leonie Benesch and Johanna Wokalek also star. Cooper also serves as an executive producer.

The series was created and written by novelist and screenwriter William Boyd (Restless, Chaplin). German Portuguese filmmaker Miguel Alexandre (The Inspector and the Sea) is directing.