Two North Carolinians say they hope to set a record at an upcoming music festival for most people involved in simultaneous spooning.

Spooning, an antique method of courting, involves two people, fully clothed, lying front to back. Nicole Brown-Smedley, a graduate student at North Carolina State in Raleigh, and her fellow organizer, Johnsie Hingley, plan to get 500 people into the act during Labor Day weekend at The Getdown, a four-day festival in Mebane, The (Charlotte, N.C.) Observer reported.

"The act of spooning, especially in this context, says, 'I don't know you, but I trust you at my back,' Brown-Smedley said. "It will make people feel connected."

Guinness World Records told her the current record is held by a Swedish group that got 432 people into a giant spoon.

"Those Swedes, man, we're taking them down," Hingley said.

The organizers say the big snuggle will be entirely innocent. Participants must be fully clothed, including shirts and shoes, children under 18 can participate only if their parents are present, and a "pervert patrol" will be standing by, prepared to spray those who get out of line with marshmallow.