Sony released on Thursday a new video highlighting the PlayStation 5's user interface that gamers will experience when the console launches on Nov. 12.

The company said that PlayStation 5's user interface was made to utilize 4K displays.

Players will be able to use a host of new features not available on the PlayStation 4 that gives more options for sharing gameplay clips and photos along with the ability to quickly jump in and out of games.

The PlayStation 5 can capture 4K screenshots and video. Friends together in a party can easily share screenshots and video amongst themselves or on social media. Players can also share their screen, allowing their friends to view what they are playing through a picture-in-picture mode.

The console also has a new feature called Control Center that pops up after hitting the PlayStation button. The Control Center lays out different levels and objectives players can immediately jump to in a game through activity cards.

The activity cards explain how long it should take to complete certain objectives in games and has a help mode that provides videos on how to clear specific levels or sections of a game.

The PlayStation 5 also allows gamers to jump right into games their friends are playing if they also own the same title and has voice-to-text options.

PlayStation 5 will come in two versions, one with a disc drive for $499 and a digital only version where games can only be downloaded for $399.