A British lottery winner is learning that living in public housing near friends is more important than a five-bedroom mansion.

Buying the $3.3 million luxury home wasn't hard for lottery winner Jenny Southall, who pocketed a cool $16 million jackpot in April. But moving in is another story -- her 15-year-old son Jamie says he's happier in their rental in Newport, South Wales, because it's near his pals, The Sun reported Friday.

Single parent Southall, 44, now divides her time between the two places. She spends most of the day at the new house but returns nightly to look after her son.

"I prefer living here rather than moving up to the new house," the 15-year-old said. "I am used to having my mates round and we can chill out here more."

A family friend said Southall's son "hasn't come to terms with his mum's fortune," the British newspaper reported.