A Manitoba school district office employee made an unusual discovery in the building -- a large snake inside a toilet bowl.

Todd Cuddington, superintendent of the Portage la Prairie School Division, said employee Albert Patenaude discovered a snake inside a toilet at the district's office.

"Apparently there have been snakes found in the sump pit in the basement in the past," Cuddington told Portage Online. "But it's the first time, certainly, that it's ever appeared in the toilet. We've seen snakes around the division office many times before. They tend to find their way under the main steps, and we'll see them slithering in the grass in the springtime, but this is a little early."

Cuddington said the reptile was a large garter snake, which is not dangerous to humans.

"He's a fairly large guy, so he's been around for a while," he said.

He said the snake was relocated without being harmed.

A Tennessee woman made a similar discovery in July 2019, when she captured video of a garter snake slithering out from the drain at the bottom of the toilet inside her Middle Valley apartment. Christen Kiefert said her apartment's maintenance workers taped the toilet shut until a pest control expert could be summoned to the residence.