A married New York man who won the heart of another woman while claiming to be a U.S. marshal has been exposed on the Internet and arrested.

Pam Brown, 39, told the New York Daily News the man she fell in love with was Rick Kudlik, a single 34-year-old marshal. But when she found out he was really a 43-year-old mechanic's helper with a wife, two teenagers and a home, she posted her story of heartbreak and deceit on the Internet.

Soon enough, other women were sharing similar stories about Kudlik, and Brown contacted the real U.S. marshals.

They arrested Kudlik Tuesday and charged him with the misdemeanor possession of a counterfeit badge. He was released on $5,000 bond.

If convicted, Kudlik could face up to six months in prison, the report said.

When the newspaper went to the Kudlik home Wednesday, his wife Denise said she stood by her husband and accused Brown of being an obsessed "Fatal Attraction" type out to get her husband.