A small plane pilot and his passenger are expected to recover fully from non-life-threatening injuries resulting from a dramatic crash-landing on a Florida street.

The Gainesville Police Department said the single engine Cessna pilot reported experiencing a problem in flight shortly after noon Sunday and attempted an emergency landing on Waldo Road in Gainesville a few moments later.

The pilot, Walter Amon, 61, and an unidentified passenger were transported to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries after the rough crash landing. Police said they are expected to recover fully.

Police shared a photo of the crash's aftermath on Facebook.

"It still amazes me that the pilot was able to land this plane in the middle of a major highway for Gainesville and not hit any other cars, people, pedestrians, or buildings in the area," Lt. Tscharna Senn with the Gainesville Police Department told WJXT-TV. "To me that is an amazing feat. But that is what happened."