Animal rescuers were dispatched to a home in California where a skunk ended up trapped inside the dryer vent.

Marin Humane Society Animal Control Officer Sarah Leathers said she was called to a Mill Valley home last week when the residents reported the smell of a skunk coming from the vent of their dryer.

"I clearly saw the skunk hanging out the side of the house," Leathers told KTVU-TV.

Leathers said the skunk had apparently been wandering underneath the house for several days and became stuck while trying to escape through the dryer vent.

She brought the skunk, with a section of dryer vent still stuck around its body, to WildCare's Wildlife Hospital, where the animal was sedated and the plastic tube was removed.

WildCare said the skunk had compression injuries where it was trapped in the vent and other injuries resulting from struggling to free itself.

The skunk is expected to be released back into the wild once its injuries have healed.