Paris Hilton invited Britain's Prince Harry to her 24th birthday bash in Miami but the "wild" English royal said he first must ask his dad's permission.

Hilton's hotel-chain parents even sweetened the deal and offered the prince a stay in any hotel "for the rest of his life" to attend the Feb. 17 soiree, and the London Daily Star reported.

Hilton told friends she's desperate for the 20-year-old Harry to help her celebrate turning 24.

"She wrote him personally but he said he'd have to check with his dad and she hasn't heard back," the source reportedly said.

Paris Hilton once had a "huge" crush on Prince William, but "lately she's decided that Prince Harry's the one for her because he's wild, cheeky and loves to party," the source said.

Harry recently ran into trouble for attending a costume party, sporting a Nazi swastika on his arm.