A deer that panicked inside a Minnesota Walmart was calmed by a shopper who wrestled the animal to the ground and gently held it down.

Stephanie Koljonen posted a photo to Facebook showing the man holding the young buck on the floor of the Walmart in Wadena after it wandered into the store and started causing chaos Tuesday night.

"We were in the pet aisle when we heard what sounded like shelves falling, then a woman screaming," Koljonen told KARE-TV. "We rushed to help and that's when we saw a deer was on the loose."

She said the man gently wrestled the deer to the ground and covered its eyes to keep it calm.

Koljonen said the deer apparently wandered in through the Garden Center's motion-sensor doors.

Tom Grasswick, the man in the picture snapped by Koljonen, said he reacted on instinct when the deer ran into him.

"It felt like i got slugged or something," Grasswick told WDAY-TV. "I figured I was bigger than the deer so I'd win that wrestling match."

Grasswick said the uninjured deer was eventually released outside.