Shi'Ann Jones is a contestant on The Voice's thirteenth season this fall on NBC.

Shi'Ann is a 15-year-old powerhouse singer from Paducah, KY, who currently resides in Bowling Green, KY.

For her Blind Audition, Shi'Ann performed "Drown In My Own Tears," and both Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton turned their chairs around for her. However, more coaches seemed interested, as Jennifer stared them down and planted fear in them about fighting for this young artist.

So in the end, Jennifer won, and Shi'Ann joined her team. Jennifer referred to the bright star as her "mini-me," so fans are expecting big things from her this season.

After her audition aired on NBC, Shi'Ann talked to Reality TV World about her big moment. Below is what she had to say.

Reality TV World: You had two coaches turn around for you, Jennifer And Blake, and they both seemed very invested in you. So how did you arrive at the decision to choose Jennifer? And was she the coach you initially hoped to work with?

Shi'Ann Jones: She was the coach that I initially chose to work with because, you know, Jennifer, I've seen her. I grew up with her movies, with Dreamgirls and stuff. I love watching her. She's a phenomenal singer and I just feel like we connect more, you know, as an artist and it's just been amazing.

Also during the conference call, Shi'Ann talked to reporters about singing with Jennifer after her audition and the reaction she has received.

After Jennifer turned her chair, you know, she was trying to make sure that no other coach turned their chair. I mean, she really wanted you to join her team. So did you see all of that happening while you were singing and what did that mean to you?

Shi'Ann Jones: I saw all of that happening when I was singing. I just wanted to stop and, you know, just scream because this is what it's about, you know, a celebrity, a coach who is just like fighting over me and it just felt amazing. I just kept singing and they made me want to sing harder because I just love to sing and I'm just so thankful.

Can you tell me what led you to The Voice this year? I know you did well in the Snapchat competition. I was wondering if that's what guided you to The Voice.

Shi'Ann Jones: Yes. That's part of what drove me to The Voice, and the other reason why it drove me to The Voice is because, you know, the situation that I'm in now. I need to do my gifts, you know? That's something that I love doing. I love to sing. So that's what drove me to The Voice because it's all about the voice.

So you are one of nine siblings and now Jennifer Hudson is calling you her "mini me." What's your experience been like so far at The Voice, away from home and all your siblings, especially at your age?
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Shi'Ann Jones: The experience, you know, being at The Voice has been an amazing journey. I get to see, you know, many things about my voice, the things that I couldn't do with my voice and Jennifer has been a blessing because she turned around and stuff.

And being away from home, it is kind of hard because you know, going like once without your parents -- well, the parent that you're really close with, it's like, you know, kind of hard to see them not actually there where you are. So this is my journey.

You're only 15 and decided to sing a really classic song. Can you talk to me about that song choice, explain why you decided to do that song?

Shi'Ann Jones: Well, the reason why I did that song was because, you know, it's in my genre and I do soul, and me and Aretha Franklin have like the same kind of genre where she does soul and stuff and a little bit of R&B, but mainly soul. So I just love soul and that's what I'm all about, is just soul.

What has the reactions been like from the people back home?

Shi'Ann Jones: The people back home, like, they was in shock because, you know, I didn't tell anybody else, just keeping it on the down low. And they was just like so amazed and they was like, they actually have a star like sitting in my classroom, sitting in their classroom. And the teachers, they just didn't even believe it, you know?

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