The team behind "Sherlock" will reunite on a new series based on "Dracula."

"Sherlock" writers Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat will re-team with Sue Vertue's Hartswood Films to adapt the Bram Stoker novel as a new miniseries for the BBC, Deadline reported.

Gatiss and Moffat are busy with solo projects, but are expected to begin work on "Dracula" soon. Sources said the pair have yet to decide if the show will be set in the past or modern day.

Variety reported "Dracula" will adopt the same format as "Sherlock" -- short seasons with feature-length episodes.

Casting for the series has yet to be announced, but is said to be "some way off."

Gatiss and Moffat last collaborated on the Season 4 finale of "Sherlock." The show, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, aired a three-episode fourth season in January.

"If this is the last time -- and I'm not planning on it to be, but it might be -- it is possible that we could end it [with Season 4]," Moffat told reporters at a screening in January. "We couldn't have ended it on any of the previous [seasons] because there was what have been great cliffhangers."