A Michigan animal shelter said it found new homes for two kittens with "wobby cat syndrome," a rare condition that makes the felines appear to be dancing.

The Humane Society of Huron Valley in Ann Arbor said the kittens, dubbed Izzy and Twitch, were brought to the shelter with their mother in October when they were found as strays in Ypsilanti.

The shelter shared video of the uniquely clumsy kittens on Facebook.

"Of course, Twitch and Izzy have no idea they're different!" the post reads. "They're not sick or uncomfortable ... just a bit clumsy sometimes!"

The post quickly garnered a large amount of attention and led to the kittens being adopted by Ryan Ferguson and his family, who drove two hours from Richmond just to meet the cats.

"My daughter said that her heart hurts, and she said that they need love too," Ferguson told the Detroit Free Press. "It was kind of a done deal at that point."

Wobby cat syndrome, officially known as cerebellar hypoplasia, is a neurological condition, but experts said it does not worsen with age and the kittens can look forward to relatively normal lives.

"It's not very common, but we have seen it at least a handful of times over the last five years," Humane Society Communications Director Wendy Welch said. "People who adopt these cats love them, they're full of personality and are just wonderful little cats."