Pittsburgh's "celebrity" Perry sextuplets took part in a Kids Marathon before the running of Sunday's Pittsburgh Marathon, officials said.

The sextuplets, whose 2003 birth garnered national headlines, are first-graders who ran the 1-mile race along with big brother Parker, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported.

Their parents, Joe and Erin Perry, cheered them on.

"Go Josh! Go Ian! Go Simon! Go Olivia! Go Zoe! Go Madison!" they yelled as the three boys and three girls finished the run.

The family became celebrities when the infants were born 28 weeks into Erin Perry's pregnancy. Television cameras detailed the family's daily tasks of changing 50 diapers and mixing 2 gallons of formula, the Tribune-Review said.

The sextuplets, now 7 years old, are enrolled in three separate first-grade classes at their local elementary school, playing almost every sport, including hockey and basketball for the boys and gymnastics and ballet for the girls, the newspaper said.