A British school has canceled its prom for 13-year-old students after concerns that parents were using the event to show off their wealth.

Administrators at the Alameda Middle School in Ampthill, England, said the end-of-summer term prom, which has been a tradition at the school for the past seven years, was canceled after parents and teachers raised concerns that some parents were using the event as a competition to show off their economic prosperity, The Daily Mail reported Wednesday.

"When the prom first started there were probably one or two stretch limos but there have been more turning up every year," said David Harvey, head of Year 8 at the school. "Parents were trying to outdo each other and we felt that things were getting out of proportion. Last year we had one child arrive in a monster tractor which must have cost around 30,000 ($42,000) and it could hardly get up the drive."

"Also with things a bit tight money-wise we thought it would be a good idea all round to get rid of the prom," he said.

Head teacher Sue Lourensz said the Year 8 students will still be treated to a party at the end of the summer term, but it will be a far less formal affair.

"The students are voting online for what they want. At the moment, it's a close race between a Masked Ball and a Neon Rave," she said.