An ill-advised treasure hunt campaign from British manufacturer Cadbury Schweppes recently led to Boston officials to close off an area cemetery.

The situation began after the manufacturer of Dr Pepper soda decided to launch a scavenger hunt that spanned 23 U.S. cities and that contest ultimately forced Boston's Granary Burying Ground to close so officials could search for a hidden prize, the Independent reported.

Turned onto the coin hidden within the cemetery by complaints of icy paths, Boston officials had such a problem locating the clue that they had to enlist the assistance of the man who hid it in the first place.

Once the Cadbury employee retrieved the coin from its hiding spot near a 200-year-old crypt, the Boston authorities were able to recuperate from the second disastrous ad campaign to plague the city.

The paper said that the Massachusetts city had only just recovered from the media exposure brought about by a bomb scare linked to a promotional campaign organized by the Cartoon Network.