A 20-year-old California student has set a world record of 11.13 seconds for finishing a Rubik's cube at an international competition in San Francisco.

Leyan Lo beat last year's record of 11.75 seconds, set in the Netherlands.

"It was a lucky solve," he said. "It was kind of cool. You get good cases and bad cases all the time."

There were other competitions at the event Saturday, Cnetnews.com reported, including the standard 3x3x3, the 3x3x3 blindfolded, the 3x3x3 one-handed and the 4x4x4.

In the blindfolded contest, the trick to solving a Rubik's cube without being able to see is that competitors examine the cube before putting on their blindfolds and memorize all the layers and then, once blinded, apply algorithms they've learned to finish the puzzle.