Rory Feek, husband and musical collaborator of ailing Joey Feek, says his and his wife's Valentine's Day will consist of a "virtual" stroll down memory lane.

Because Joey Feek is in hospice care for terminal cancer and extremely weak, Rory Feek said on his blog, This Life I Live, the couple will not be going out for a candle-lit dinner.

Instead, he will bring the years of love the couple have shared to her side, where they will reminisce together.

"I want to take her back to where our lives first began together, and relive this beautiful journey that God has taken us on," Rory wrote of his plan to present the story of their love in the form of visual mementos like photos and videos.

The couple's first date happened 14 years ago, on Valentine's Day 2002. After that, the couple were engaged and married within four months. They launched their country music career as the duo Joey + Rory and have since been nominated for a Grammy award.

"I'm hoping for a few soft kisses," he added in his most recent post. "The passion for each other that Joey and I once had has been replaced by the sweetest, gentlest kisses. I live for those kisses. They are enough."