A California rock band settled a trademark dispute and will continue to be known as Supernova while a TV reality show group will be called Rock Star Supernova.

The original band contacted executives of the CBS show "Rock Star" when they learned of the program's use of "Supernova." When the program continued to use the name, the original band members filed a lawsuit in June arguing that the television program's use of the Supernova name by another band infringed on its trademark rights. U.S. District Court Judge John Houston agreed, handing down a preliminary injunction on Sept. 12 barring the television show and that band from referring to itself as "Supernova."

As part of an agreement announced this week, the original Supernova retains the right to the name while the TV version will be allowed to use "Rock Star Supernova." Other settlement terms were not released.

The CBS TV reality series "Rock Star" had a competition in which Lukas Rossi won the chance to be the lead singer for a band that includes Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted and one-time Guns n' Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke.

The original Supernova was formed in 1989 in Costa Mesa, Calif., and is made up of Jodey Lawrence, Arthur Mitchell and David Collins. They were represented in the case by John A. Mizhir, Jr. of Fish & Richardson.