Four robin chicks have amazed scientists with their powers of survival after hatching very early in a wreath hanging on a London door.

The robins, whose parents normally don't mate before Valentines Day at the earliest, hatched Jan. 23, the BBC reported.

"It's just incredible. We are a bit lost for words really," Farrah Stevens of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds told the BBC.

"We think the mild weather has encouraged them. In their heads they obviously thought: 'It's warm and there's food around for us,'" she added.

Stevens also said the robins' haste in mating could have been due to the fact that their nest was on someone's front door and therefore warmer than it would have been otherwise.

"I'd love them to come back and see me. I'm like an adoptive parent," said Julie Luckett, who lives in the flat with the wreath on its front door.