Robert Irwin, the son of the late Steve Irwin, stopped by the Tonight Show Wednesday to introduce Jimmy Fallon to a new collection of furry friends.

"We love having you on. You always bring really cool animals," the late night host said about the young wildlife expert appearing on the show for the third time. "It's very informative, but also very scary for me."

In honor of his Tonight Show appearances, Irwin shared that on the next expedition with the Australia Zoo at his late father's reserve the first crocodile they catch will be named Jimmy Fallon.

"You can actually go online and you can track Jimmy Fallon. You'll see exactly where he goes," Irwin said.

"It's like Twitter, except for alligators, Fallon joked.

The conversationist then brought out a number of animals for Fallon to experience including a North American badger, two alligator snapping turtles, a trio of baby warthogs and an eight-month old kangaroo that the pair fed using a bottle.

"You can see those legs -- that's what helps them jump. They can jump 30 feet in one single leap. It's astonishing!" Irwin said of the kangaroo.

Irwin's last appearance on The Tonight Show involved Fallon interacting with a pair of baby black bears who nibbled on his thumb.