A gold ring found in a package of beans was returned to its grocery store worker owner after taking a journey of nearly 125 miles.

Sandra Hendren of Mulgildie, Queensland, said she bought the package of fresh green beans at Start Fresh Fruit Market during a recent visit to Bundaberg and found a gold ring at the bottom of the bag while she was making curry.

"At first I thought it was one of my rings, until I had a closer look and found there was an inscription on the back," Hendren told Bundaberg Now.

"It was just lucky that I liked the beans so much that I ripped the bag right open instead of just opening it the normal way, as I definitely wouldn't have seen it if I did that," she said. "I'm just glad I ate them all straight away and came across the ring and it didn't get thrown out."

Hendren contacted Start Fresh Fruit Market and soon learned employee Nien Galang had been searching for the ring. The precious item had been an 18th birthday gift from his mother and was inscribed with his birthday and the words, "my life."

"It was the first time I had worn it to work as it's pretty special to me," Galang said. "At first I didn't notice it was gone. It was later when I was packing oranges I realized, and I looked everywhere for it."

Galang thanked Hendren for making the effort to return the ring, despite living nearly 125 miles away from the store.

"I just want to thank Sandra for finding and returning it," he said. "I was really worried I wouldn't find it, and it's a pretty amazing story to tell now."