Animal rescuers in Virginia used a tractor and a sling to hoist a horse that was stuck in a resident's backyard swimming pool.

The Little Fork Volunteer Technical Large Animal Rescue Team, which is run by the Little Fork Volunteer Fire Co. in Rixeyville, said a crew was summoned to a pool near Gordonsville just before 7 a.m. Oct. 1.

The team found a house named Annie had escaped from her field and ended up plunging into the pool.

A Gordonsville Volunteer Fire Department firefighter climbed into the pool to keep Annie calm while a veterinarian sedated the animal and monitored her health.

The rescue team attached a sling to a tractor and used it to hoist the horse out of the water.

The team said Annie was able to stand on her own after the rescue and was eating when they left her in the care of her owners.