Emergency responders in Massachusetts said they used a backhoe to hoist a horse that was stranded in a deep pit of mud.

Hanson Fire-Rescue said the Plymouth County Technical Rescue Team was dispatched to a reservation in Hanson, near Brockton, when a 13-year-old horse named Libby wandered into the mud and became stuck.

The team borrowed a backhoe from Hanson Water Department and the rescue team, with help from firefighters and veterinarians, attached a harness to the horse and lifted it to safety.

"There was a lot of brush in the area, so we had to clear that, get the backhoe in there and they were able to get it in in an angle and lift the horse up and out and move it to an area," Hanson Fire Chief Jerome Thompson told WJAR-TV.

Libby sustained only minor injuries, the rescuers said.