Insiders say "Everybody Loves Raymond" star Patricia Heaton is the most likely candidate replace Meredith Vieira on ABC's "The View."

Vieira was announced this week as the replacement for Katie Couric at NBC's "Today" when Couric leaves for the "CBS Evening News."

"The View" insider told Friday's New York Post the addition of Heaton is nearly a done deal and could also signal the end of the run for Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

"Patty Heaton is a Republican, so they won't need (Republican) Elizabeth any more," the source said.

The insider said Fuse TV veejay Marianela Pereyra was the most likely candidate to replace Hasselbeck.

"Elizabeth doesn't really add much. Marianela will bring in the young Latina viewers -- which is important," the source told the Post.

A spokesman for "The View" called the report "all rumor and conjecture," the Post said.

"We probably won't have someone in place on a regular basis until the start of the 10th season in September," he said.