Jon Gosselin's new girlfriend is apparently unhappy about all the negative media attention she's been receiving in recent days.

Hailey Glassman stayed in on the final night of her weekend trip to St. Tropez, France with the Jon & Kate Plus 8 patriarch due to the abundance of attention the couple has been receiving, Us Weekly reported Tuesday.

"U.S. press is all over stories about her being some slutty party girl with a history of arrests," a source told Us. "She was upset tonight."

While a student at Indiana University in October 2005, the now 22-year-old Glassman was picked up by campus police for hanging out in a parking lot with five friends after 3AM, Us reported Monday.

"[An officer spotted the group] passing a pipe back and forth, which is consistent with marijuana," Jerry Minger, the communications officer at the IU Police Department, told Us.

Glassman was subsequently arrested for possession of marijuana because she had two plastic baggies in her handbag that later tested positive for THC, according to Us.

The case was eventually settled out of court and a judgement was withheld, according to Minger, who told Us Glassman paid fines and court costs and was put on probation.

In addition, Glassman was cited for illegal consumption of an alcoholic beverage in Indiana in April 2007, People reported Tuesday, adding the case was dismissed two months later.

Gosselin was spotted holding hands with Glassman in St. Tropez in the French Riviera on Saturday, and the pair also took a trip on fashion designer Christian Audigier's yacht.

Glassman has been described as a person who "craves attention," a source told People, adding she never really had a steady boyfriend while at IU.

"She's one of those crazy party animals," the source told People. "She would probably be that type of girl who would get on top of the bar and start dancing."

Late last month, Kate Gosselin filed for a no-fault divorce from Jon and the couple publicly announced their separation during a subsequent Jon & Kate Plus 8 broadcast.