Candy maker Reese's celebrated a dedicated fan's viral fame by presenting him with a swimming pool filled with peanut butter and chocolate candies.

Jon Ernst of Edison, Ohio, made viral waves in April 2015 when he received an employee gift card from the grocery store where he works and spent it all on Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

Ernst posted a photo to Reddit showing him lounging in the candy tub.

Reese's, which is setting about a series of "Outrageous Acts" to celebrate he release of its new Outrageous candy bar, celebrated Ernst this week by filling a swimming pool with various Reese's candies.

"We're taking our fans' passion to the next level, not only with this outrageous new product, but by re-creating their Reese's fandom in epic ways," said Eric Bowers, Reese's brand manager.