A group of Dutch and Danish artists used Lego components to break the Guinness World Record for the largest great ball contraption.

Dutch artists Maico Arts and Ben Jonkman teamed with Danish builders Klaus Hansen, Lasse Deleuran, Brian Soholm Larsen and Elena Dimitrova to build the Rube Goldberg-esque contraption, which takes 40 minutes to carry a single ball all the way through, at Lego World Denmark in Copenhagen.

The great ball contraption, defined by Guinness World Records as a device made of Lego Technic components that carries a ball through a series of modules, was awarded the world record after it was recorded functioning properly with 259 modules.

"Building just one module can take from a few hours to several weeks, or even month depending complexity and size," Arts said. "Everyone who builds great ball contraption modules builds them on their own and at home, and then we put them together in one circuit."

Arts has held the record four times, most recently reclaiming it from a 197-module contraption constructed by Dalian Boca Education & Technology Co. in July 2016.