R. Kelly's younger brother, Carey, claims the singer offered him money, a record deal and a house if he took the fall for him on pornography charges.

Carey Kelly makes the claim in a low-budget DVD produced by Drahma magazine that hit the streets Tuesday, MTV.com reports.

"I got a call about a year and a half ago," Carey says on the DVD. "My brother wanted me to do some (expletive) pertaining to this case that would leave me behind bars with a record deal. It doesn't make sense, so I turned it down.

A spokesman for R. Kelly said he would not "dignify" the accusations "with a comment," noting it was "not the first time Carey has made ridiculous accusations against his brother."

MTV noted Carey Kelly just got out of jail for theft and has long claimed his brother blocked him from having a successful music career.

R. Kelly's case, which has been slowly wending its way through the Chicago court system, has its next hearing April 7. He has pleaded innocent to having sex with an underage girl and documenting it all on videotape.