A 6-foot python that escaped from a home in Connecticut turned out to have gotten no farther than the yard in two days on its own, neighbors said.

The snake was found by 8-year-old Michael Ruffino, the Danbury News Times reported. Michael and his parents, John and Diane, live next door to the snake's owner, Kelly Wiedl, in New Fairfield.

When he and his parents arrived home from church Saturday evening, Michael wondered just what a neighborhood cat was looking at in the bushes. It turned out to be the python.

Another neighbor, Mark Lefgren, did the snake-catching, getting the python into a flannel pillowcase.

Diane Ruffino said that the snake, possibly stunned by cool temperatures, was not acting aggressive, although it did hiss at the cat. The cat simply looked bewildered.

"We've been looking since it was lost. We were hoping it would be found," Diane Ruffino said.