Thousands lined up to try to attend performances by Prince and Justin Timberlake at smaller venues on the final night of SXSW in Austin, Texas.

Prince performed Saturday evening before 250 contest winners at La Zona Rosa while thousands lined up outside, KTBC-TV, Austin, reported.

Aaron Defoore, who runs security at the venue, told KVUE-TV, Austin, described Prince as "high maintenance."

"A feng shui specialist came in to design his greenroom. The stage is just absolutely fabulous. We've been working all day and all night just to get it set up," he said, adding that security was tight at the venue.

"I expect a thousand people trying to squeeze through that door at the same time," Defoore said. "I hear a lot of stories, a lot of excuses, a lot of badges a lot of wristbands but we're just trying to sift through the people that belong and the people who don't."

Meanwhile, Timberlake performed at The Copper Tank Event Center Saturday night. Ten thousand fans signed up for the new Myspace in order to win tickets, KVUE reported. A large crowd of people without tickets gathered outside the venue with the hopes of getting in.

"We figured we would hang out and maybe someone would feel sorry for us and let us in. We really want to go in but it's such a small place we're not sure how successful we'll be," said Timberlake Fan Kimberly Hart.

SXSW, or South-by-Southwest, is a festival in Austin that sees musicians, authors, indie movie makers and others gather for a series of concerts, lectures and film screenings.