Almost two-thirds of Americans said President Obama can better deal with an alien invasion from space than presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney, a poll found.

The "Aliens Among Us" survey -- released Wednesday by the National Geographic Channel as part of its promotion for a new series on UFOs -- found more than 80 million Americans [36 percent] are sure UFOs exist and 11 percent are pretty sure they've seen one.

Sixty-five percent said if there is an invasion from outer space, Obama would be better suited than Romney to deal with it, with 68 percent of women vs. 61 percent of men agreeing with the proposition.

Seventy-one percent said they think it is more likely aliens exist than it is that there are superheroes, vampires and zombies. But if there are such things as real superheroes, 21 percent said they would want the Hulk to deal with an ET invasion, while 12 percent would put their fate in Batman's hands and just 8 percent would call Spider-Man.

Tech Supervisor Erin Ryder and UFOlogist James Fox -- who worked on the National Geographic Channel series "Chasing UFOs" -- said the survey results reflect what they have learned in their research for the show, NGC said in a release. The eight-part series is scheduled to premiere Friday.

Kelton Research conducted the survey of a random nationwide sample of 1,114 people May 21-29, using e-mail invitations and online surveys. The margin of sampling error is 2.9 percentage points.