Florida police said they arrested a motorist accused of enjoying an ice cold beer in full view of an officer driving in a marked patrol car.

The Orlando Police Department said Officer Jose Sanchez was driving in a marked patrol car just before noon Saturday when he spotted a motorist, later identified as Edgar Cortes, sipping from what appeared to be a bottle of beer.

"As I passed the vehicle...I observed the driver drink from a bottle that appeared to resemble that of an alcoholic beverage," the Orlando Sentinel quoted Sanchez as writing in his report. "The bottle's content appeared to be dark yellow in color, reasonably appearing to me to be the color of beer."

Sanchez found Cortes to be in possession of an unfinished bottle of Corona Extra beer, a loaded 9 mm pistol and a small bag of marijuana.

Cortes was charged with driving with an open container, carrying a concealed firearm and armed possession of marijuana with intent to sell. He was taken to jail and later released after posting bail.

Cortes' act, while unarguably unwise, is far from the most brazen activity spotted by police officers in traffic -- a Western Australia police officer on a motorcycle pulled up next to a car at an intersection late last year and captured helmet camera footage of the driver rolling a joint with his window open.

"Top tip -- Do not roll a joint when the @WAPoliceTraffic bike is next to you," Western Australia Traffic Police tweeted.